What type of accommodation are you looking for?

Why choose budget accommodation?




Because you'll save a lot of money.

The average cost of one night in Rarotonga is $250 and up. 4 and 5 star resorts can cost upward of $500 per night. 


All accommodation we feature is priced under $200 a night.


We have sourced the best of the most affordable places to stay, saving you a lot of money, Accommodation prices can cost more than airfares but we're able to keep you're costs down, allowing you to lengthen your holiday or just to keep costs down for an affordable holiday.


Whether you're looking for accommodation for a couple or a family, we will save you money on our selection of places to stay.



Because you'll be supporting local business owners by paying them, keeping the money you spend flowing through the local economy.  

The best part to paying less. You're actually supporting the locals which in turn helps the local economy. By renting bungalows and houses owned by locals, you're keeping the residents in business and allowing them to also earn money from the tourism industry, not just the big resorts and boutique places. We want to share the tourism money around the Island and not off shore. Support a local family and put your tourism money straight into their pockets.   



Because they are in the same locations as some high end, 5 star resorts and motels.

Rarotonga is small and because of this the accommodation choices are dotted evenly around the Island. Private rentals can be found next door to some boutique motels and 5 star resorts, at up to 1/4 of the price of these.


They share the same section of beach and lagoon, enjoy the same views and conveniences to food and if lucky enough to be on the right side, can enjoy the same beautiful sunrises and sunsets as the more expensive places.



Location is not really an issue here. The views are pretty spectacular all around the Island and you're only a few minutes from everything: beaches, restaurants, groceries, activities and transport. Does it really matter where you are? As long as you have privacy, comfort, a kitchen, bed and shower. This is literally all you need in Rarotonga as you'll be spending most of your time outside exploring all the sights it has to offer.


Most budget accommodation may be found on the inland side of the beach road but you can also find budget accommodation absolute beachfront or very close to, if you look around, which we have done for you.


Budget accommodation isn't limited in Rarotonga. These can range from shared rooms at backpackers with common areas, separate bungalows with all the basics, to a private house with the homely comforts and everything you possibly need.


As you're never far from anywhere on the Island, all sharing the same location,  does it really matter where you stay? As long as you're there!