The affordable way to see Cook Islands.

Plan & track savings for your budget holiday to the Cook Islands using this free 1 pg planner.
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As much as I'd like to keep

Cook Islands a secret,

I want everyone to have the chance

to see these beautiful Islands. 

Even if you're on a budget, you can

have a relaxing holiday

spent with the happiest

people on earth. 

In a place unspoiled by tourists,

it really is somewhere you must

see this lifetime.


Get it on your bucket list.

Plan & go

'See Cook Islands'.



I want to provide an ultimate resource guide for planning your holiday to Rarotonga on a budget,

all on one website and I will be adding more info, covering more Islands in the future.


I know how expensive it can be and how hard it is to find handy info all in one place.

This is why I've researched all I can, to give you options that will allow you to

See Cook Islands for up to half the usual cost,

without getting lost online AND supporting local business on the Islands.


Nothing too fancy or costly here, just exactly what you need to get a real feel for island life.

Stay in genuine island style and experience life just like the locals do. 


Genuine recommendations and information provided by this obsessed Island lover ;)



I'm big on supporting the local economy by linking you with locally owned and operated businesses.

This keeps the tourism dollars you spend here on these beautiful

island to constantly maintain and improve their home so you can visit





Now you CAN afford a holiday to the Cook Islands.

Click on the menu at top of page,

look around the website to see how.








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Budget travel to Rarotonga

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