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Super Special Flight deals


No special flight deals available right now. I will be working with airlines to give you the best prices very soon.  Sign up and you'll be notified when they become available.


Regular flights arrive from New Zealand and Australia but also less frequent flights arrive from USA, Tahiti, Asia or Europe and other parts of the world.


I will be adding more flight info as I go along so bear with me if I don't have your relevant country flights info yet  ...I'm working on it ;)  


For now, I'll be providing flight info and sales details arriving from New Zealand and Australia only. These are the most common flights to take to arrive in Rarotonga as most flights from other parts of the world will complete their last leg of flight through New Zealand or Australia.

Air New Zealand, Virgin Airlines and Jetstar operate regular flights to Rarotonga and all 3 offer sales every now and then. These sales are from as low as $249 pp, one way, direct from Sydney, Aus. This is the cheapest price you'll find anywhere so sign up below to be notified when these seats become available. 


For a comparison price on sale flights, it's good to know the average price for flights from Aus - Rar are $500 pp, each way when not on sale (give or take $100 either side). 


The airlines want to fill their last remaining seats by offering low prices to you with no options. To take advantage of the lowest priced flight when available, you must be willing to have flexibility of travel as they will be flying dates for the next few months, without much notice at all. Also there will be limited days and times to choose from, so to make it super cheap, be ready to grab basically half price tickets!

Sometimes it might work out cheaper for you to get sales for each leg of your trip rather than fly direct.  Australia to New Zealand sale price + New Zealand to Rarotonga sale price. You might not be able to get a half price cost by doing this but you'll still save and have more flying dates and times to choose from when booking.  I have booked this way and paid $300 from Aus - NZ and return and $380 from NZ - RAR and return for a total of $680 which was still a great price. I was able to choose from more dates and times for not only arrival in Rarotonga but also making the connecting flight from NZ work. 


The way to book flights is up to you. Just make sure you get lower than normal prices when you can (Don't pay full price).  Go for cheaper prices on each leg of flight or be ready for a last minute seat and complete budget prices. Be notified of sales when they become available by signing up before you leave the page so you don't miss a sale. 

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