Where would you like to eat?

Food can cost up to one third of your holiday expenses. Unless you've got a big budget planned for dining out in Rarotonga, you'll want to know the most affordable and best places to grab a feed without it costing too much. 


There's no shortage of restaurants on the Island, but when it comes to cheaper ways to eat, you've got to check out our list. Here's some of the best food we've found, with each meal only costing between $10-$20pp.


More will be added over time as we discover more 'best budget eats'. 


Take away

Grab a quick bite on the go for either lunch or dinner.


Get a meal that's lighter on the wallet for breakfast or lunch.


Dine out for dinner without it costing too much.

If you own an eatery in Rarotonga and would like it listed and sometimes featured,

please get in contact with us. We'd love to list your business.