Rarotonga · 13. August 2019
A favourite place to stay at one of the best prices on the Island.

Rarotonga · 29. June 2019
While visiting Rarotonga you don’t want to be confined to your accommodation the entire time you’re here. You’ll want to get around and see the Island. To keep costs down, mix up different transportation to stretch your holiday money further. Take in the views from every angle while you’re moving around one of these 11 ways…

Rarotonga · 20. June 2019
Hike Te Rua Manga while visiting Rarotonga. A free activity taking approximately 3 hours to complete. Enjoy jungle views stretching out over the lagoon to the Pacific Ocean.

Cook Islands · 18. June 2019
When flying with Virgin Airlines you'll enjoy these 5 bonuses for free.

Rarotonga · 25. May 2019
I'm a budget traveller and have to save for each visit a certain way in order to be in Rarotonga. Saving for a holiday can be hard. Here's how I'm doing it this year.

Rarotonga · 02. April 2019
Following on from part 1 covering hacks to save on flights, accommodation and food, these are my other tips for traveling to Rarotonga and ways to plan and save money doing everything you want to while on holiday here.

Rarotonga · 01. April 2019
The best tips to see Rarotonga on a budget. Budget travel hacks for Rarotonga from where you can save money when planning your trip and budget to ways you can do things for less while enjoying your holiday. Part one covers the 3 main areas to make travel to Rarotonga easier and cheaper.

Rarotonga · 20. March 2019
Have you considered these points before you book your accommodation in Rarotonga, Cook Islands? By looking at each of these you will find the best accommodation you need for the right price.

Rarotonga · 28. February 2019
The Island of Rarotonga has left a lasting impression on me and I'm impressed every time I visit. My favourite place in the world is heaven on earth.

Rarotonga · 20. February 2019
Want to drive yourself around while visiting Rarotonga? Here's information and tips for renting cars and scooters in Rarotonga, Cook Islands.

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