Whale watching each July to October

An absolute highlight of a recent trip to Rarotonga during September was whale watching. Witnessing whales frolicking out just beyond the reef was an emotional sight.


On 3 occasions during our 9 day stay we spotted humpbacks and did they put on a show each time! We not only watched one whale but at least 2 adults and 2 calves each time we noticed them. They played close to the reef allowing us to clearly watch them from land.


Breaching, frolicking around and lobtailing (slapping their tails on the surface of the water).  It's almost like they can feel the love and gasps from land while they ‘perform’ for us.


The 3 locations we spotted them on our trip was while having a few drinks at the Hula Bar The Islander Hotel, while swimming in the lagoon at Black Rock  and while plane watching at the end of the runway. They seem to favour this side of the Island.

These majestic mammals of the sea visit Rarotonga and other Islands between July and October each year where they travel through while migrating to breed. Their time is spent in the warmer waters before heading back down south towards Antarctica during the Southern Hemisphere summer months to feed up and again return closer to the equator during winter.


Rarely seen by all people, I felt lucky to witness this on a well timed visit as I have not yet seen whales in my home  area in Australia. You're  bound to see them if you time your visit to Rarotonga between July and October.


To see them 3 times was memorable, it brought tears to my eyes and as I said to someone I was telling about it,  “My life is complete.”


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